Pieces here have not yet reached production. They are currently in concept stages and are available for commission.

Design and size are fixed. Print method, paper choice and framing options are recommended to be left to the artist’s discretion. However these options are available for customisation.


Print method – Letterpress (black) / Foil stamp (black matt – black gloss – silver)

Paper – Currently used papers in the Paper Archive or artist’s recommendation.

Framing – Unframed or artist’s recommended framing (provided by John Jones London).


The completed artwork will still remain a one-off, one of a kind piece. No reproductions will be made.

Production turnaround is 2-4 weeks.

Time and price will vary according to production choices.

Due to the nature of certain papers and the print process, certain options may not be possible.

For further information please email the artist directly:


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