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D. A. YEW is a UK born poet & artist of mixed Asian descent. Through years of worldwide travel, his passion for expressing emotion and experience through written word has come to the forefront of his artwork today. The focus of his work encompasses the complex relationship between imagery and text. Images and feeling that we, as humans, store as memories and the words that we might use to express moments caught in time.

Each original poem has been inspired and written in its most natural form. Developed through structure to create a one of kind piece.

The paper chosen is specific to each piece and is thoughtfully selected to reflect its nature. Processes used in creating the final artwork vary in keeping with this nature.

From inspiration right through to framing, every tiny detail has been conceived and implemented to produce a unique work of art.

The collection entitled “Volume ONE”, is the culmination of one year’s thoughts, experience and feelings. The particular turning point of the artist’s ability to transform contained memory into open text. Each piece represents a single moment in time, the artist’s visual memory of that instance and the words that form to represent it.

Commissions are also available.


For all inquiries please contact the artist at [email protected]