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Paper is a conduit for the message contained within the text, its choice is a key factor in the finished artwork. The implementation of a specific paper is a representation of the poetry portrayed upon its surface.

From machine-made artists’ papers to hand-made Japanese papers, each sheet is thoughtfully sourced to accentuate the individuality of each piece. Composition, texture, weight and production methods vary drastically so the feel, appearance and nature of each piece is truly unique.

Papers used are listed below with their respective poems.


Seichosen Kozo (37gsm) – Dear Endeavour,

The Ozaki family are one of the few papermakers in Japan to both cultivate materials and produce their own paper too. This particular paper is handmade from 100% kozo, harvested in December from the surrounding mountains. Cooked in lime and sun-dried on boards, the long, flexible fibres produce a very strong, dimensional paper. Rich, supple and slightly soft.

Seichosen Kozo



Kurotani #06 (100gsm) – Pin on a Lapel

Kurotani is a paper making town near Kyoto, Japan. Kurotani paper has an 800 year history during which traditional paper making techniques have been maintained. Handmade from pure kozo, cooked in soda ash and sun bleached, one of the thickest Japanese papers available.

Kurotani #05



Fabriano 5 Cold Pressed (210gsm) – Sail / Scuttle

Composed from a prized blend of 50% cotton and select raw materials. The acid-free paper is pressed through cold cylinders at the end of the paper making process to create a slight textured finish.

Fab 5 CP



Fabriano 5 Hot Pressed (300gsm) – Providence / Where you go.

Composed from a prized blend of 50% cotton and select raw materials. The acid-free paper is pressed through heated compressing metal cylinders. This happens at the end of the paper making process to flatten almost all texture in the finish.

Fab 5 HP



Shepherds Age Compatible (90gsm) – Untied

A wove paper with vintage characteristics. Made from beech and specifically developed to blend with works printed between 1850 and 1950. Lignin free, internally sized and calcium carbonate buffered.




Pergamenata (160gsm) – Tempest

A translucent paper with a well sealed surface. Elemental chlorine free and pH neutral . The special characteristics of the paper are obtained using an extended refining process in special beater refiners.




Satogami (80gsm) – happiness is.

A machine made, Japanese paper. Beautifully delicate yet strong and flexible. This versatile paper has a bamboo content of 10% to 90% wood pulp.




Canson Ingres (100gsm) – small thoughts & sidewalks

A classic laid paper, the development of which is ascribed to French Neoclassical artist Dominique Ingres. The paper is 65% cotton rag, acid free and gelatine sized.

Canson Ingres



Arches Ingres MBM (130gsm) – Behind Her Screen

A laid paper, specially developed for drawing by French Neoclassical artist Dominique Ingres and papermakers Arches. A mould made, 75% cotton paper, buffered and gelatine sized.

Arches Ingres MBM